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Dr Anand Raman

Start now, see the amazing difference made with great aesthetics delivered by Dr Raman's onsite clinic every Tuesday 2-8pm.   Dr Raman has been a specialist in cosmetic and medical aesthetic treatments for many years and established here at So Be since 2007.

With 6 years service at So Be and continuous recommendations and repeat business Dr Anand is the best Botox and Dermal Filler practitioner in South East London.  He combines a passion for aesthetic medicine with a pride in carrying out work to the highest standards. He is committed to providing straightforward honest advice to clients about how they can achieve their cosmetic goals.

Dr Anand's service includes a FREE initial consultation, where your needs can be discussed within the context of your skin type, age, state of health, diet and lifestyle.  Taking into consideration its importance, provides aftercare straight after treatment and offers a follow up service free of charge to assess progress, and advise on maintaining maximum and longer-lasting results.

Dr Raman qualified from Leicester University School of Medicine in 2000. He was admitted to membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2005 and is fully registered with the General Medical Council. He is also an associate member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Having treated hundreds of happy clients Dr Raman has developed a deserved reputation as one of the most skilled, experienced and trusted Cosmetic Physicians in London. You can rest assured that you are in expert hands.

Dermal FillerS                

Fillers can ultimate create volume and youthfulness and achieve 10 years off your age.  Dr Anand is extremely conservative in his application to offer a natural look with the most effective results.  He is also experienced in delivering a designer smile though lip curl and lip border applications.  

£250 - 1 syringe
£450 - 2 syringes

Mini-rhinoplasty ('nose job')
Lip enhancement                            
Laughter lines
Chin / Jaw line reshaping

According to Grazia magazine, its reports that in recent years surgery has fallen out of favour and everybody is turning to Dermal Fillers, Dr Fredric Brandt, a leading New York Dermatologist told Grazia that he's doing a lot less Botox and more Dermal Fillers, which if done with great experience and precise, as by Dr Anand, this allows much definition to the face.  Fillers create plump skin which is a real sign of more youthful skin.


MESOTHERAPY Vitamin Injection

Mesotherpay Vit Injections

Dramatically Improves tone and elasticity of sagging skin on the hands, décolletage, neck and abdomen. Treats dry and sensitive skin and significantly part of looking 10 years younger, price from £140 and upon a FREE consultation.

Mesotherapy involves the injection of a potent cocktail of conventional or homeopathic medicines-vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino-acids - directly into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) to nourish and rejuvenate, promote production of collagen and elastin and stimulate your skin's metabolism.  As your skin ages, circulation decreases and the resulting reduction of oxygen and nutrients hinders your body's ability to flush out toxins. This is what drives premature ageing and causes the skin to develop an ashen appearance. People who have had mesotherapy (or 'skin-prick nutrition') describe their skin as looking rested, radiant, glowing and firmer.

£200 Per Session                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Completed discounted COURSE of 3 £495

What will happen during the treatment?

Multiple micro-injections using a very fine needle are administered immediately beneath the surface of the skin, directly into the problem area requiring treatment. The aim is to replace the minerals, vitamins and amino-acids that are lost as we age.

Is it painful?

So Be Salon’s treatment is not painful but a slight discomfort may be experienced. If you do find it uncomfortable, an anaesthetic cream can be applied prior to treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatment time is approximately 30 minutes.

What is the recovery time?

After the treatment you can normally return to day-to-day activities immediately. You may experience a little swelling, which will settle within 24 hours. Another possible side effect is the appearance of some small bruises which will also disappear quickly.

How often do I need to repeat treatments?

The 'Vitamin Facial' is usually performed over an initial series of one session per week for 4 weeks or to less ass per Dr Anand’s prescription to you needs. We aim for results not spending power. Results are then maintained by twice-a-year touch up sessions.

Micro-injections of hyaluronic acid (Restylane Vital) are used to restore plumpness and volume to areas such as the back of the hands, neck and decolletage. Typically, the initial treatment course consists of 3 sessions, 1 month apart then 3 - 4 times yearly for maintenance.

Can I have Mesotherapy at the same time as other anti-ageing treatments?

Mesotherapy can be used as a supplement or an alternative to other treatments. It is a wonderful compliment to skin peels, Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers but also stands on it's own as a powerful anti-ageing therapy.

How safe is Mesotherapy?

Pioneered by the French physician Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952, Mesotherapy is now widely used all over the world to treat a wide range of injuries and medical conditions e.g. arthritis, migraines, recurrent ENT infections (sinusitis, rhinitis), asthma, sports injuries (pulled muscles, tendonitis) and chronic pain. Mesotherapy is considered an extremely safe aesthetic treatment.

Baby Botox

£99 per area
Ideal for those starting out in their twenties and thirties, or anyone who requires slight muscle movement

Advance Botox

DOCTOR Injection Facemap Footer.jpg

1 Area  - £150     

2 Areas - £250

3 Areas - £300

Further additional areas at £50 extra

Botox for underarms and feet £495 each

Botox application can treat a variety of facials areas such as crowsfeet, under eyes, forehead and frown lines to all provide great facial brightness through freezing muscle groups attributing to wrinkles through normal expressions.  

Chemical Peels

Welcome to the leading prescriptive chemical peel suitable for all skin types with unprecedented results.  This is the USA's leading skincare product suitable for all skin types without skin lightening.

Permanent results after one chemical peel
Chemical peels are a more invasive method than microdermabrasion, used to diminish life long stubborn sun damage, freckles, age spots and uneven pigmentation.

Janmarini peels supersede OBAGI and VI peels. 

£350 Janmarini deep chemical peel 
Course treatments also available.
£259 Janmarini prescriptive home skincare control and correction.
£60 Light glycolic peel (for fair skin types).
£65 Medium TCA peel (for Mediterranean skin types).



Chemical Peel Results

DOCTOR Janmarini Results 1.png
jan marini2.jpg