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£35 Celebrity Devotee Eyebrows 

Brighten your eyes with the most effective and affordable beauty treatment known to acquire that sharpe defined look, this is delivered through a multitude of shaping and tinting techniques.  If your opposed to Botox or CACI microcurrent, but still want to invest in the best, this is the treatment for you.



£85 Semi Perm Eyelash Extensions

'Oh naturale' is the look!

We at So Be have formulated the best individual semi perm eyelash extensions using Minks brand of varying shapes and curls to suit your eye shape.   Great care, love and precision to bought to this treatment.  Once applied they will allow you to to wake up and go without the trace of fake cumbersome heavy lashes or glue. 

This treatment involves the application of individual lashes inserted between yours, with no visible join lines where the natural lash and glued lash extension meet.

This is a must have for sultry eyes without the obvious sign that you have had beauty work done.

£20 Semi Perm Infill  

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£22 Glamour Party Lashs  / Infill £8

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Bulb Lash Extensions www.sobebeauty.com/eyes
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£7  Eyebrow Wax  / Eyebrow Threading

£9  Eyebrow Tweezering

£18 Lash and Brow Tint

£10 Lash Tint

£10 Brow Tint