Prescriptive Facials

PURE Oxygen Facials

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FREE skin analysis and full consultation is performed prior to treatment,  courses  discounts are provided for those addicted to the look!       

Pay only £49 for your first treatment.

£70 Oxygen Facial 

If you too squeamish to go for Mesotherapy Vitamin injections with Dr Anand then this is certainly for the best non surgical skincare alternative to Vitamin injections.   This treatment has sky rocketed amongst the entertainment industry and proved most popular amongst  to bridal groups and actors for a relaxed youthful look and duey skin.

Our practitioners combine Dermalogica Steam facials with the Oxygen techinque rarely found elsewhere due to their extensive knowledge of Dermalogist skincare products and Oxygen machinery.  Madonna and JLo are celebrity devotees through course of Oxygen treatments, enquire about our huge onsite discount on offer.

An oxygen facial delivers a mixture of hyperbaric oxygen, or pure oxygen at a high pressure, and anti-aging serum through an airbrush to the face and body. It's almost as though someone is using a tiny power washer to pump oxygen and moisturizer into the skin. People who use oxygen facials say the process helps makeup application because it gives the skin a smooth and moisturized surface. Makeup also can be applied right after the oxygen facial, as opposed to traditional facials, which often require a 12-hour waiting period before you can apply any makeup.

DermalogIca Facials

Dermalogica Steam facials

Facials are often considered as a luxury beauty treatment and you would be absolutlely correct!. Salon professional products delivered under controlled use and environment are generally 70% more potent than customer retail products. Therefore, we at So Be believe it is only fair to consider yourself for the most effective face and skincare posssible.

Like all our beauty services listed, we are clinically approved and know exactly what we are doing. This combined with our own signatory techniques, attention to detail and listening to your concerns, allows us to immediately establish which Dermalogica steam facial below is best for you.  

All our facials include a FREE skin analysis and consultation and a powerful complimentary neck, hand or foot massage and we also give retail recommendations so that you can continue revitalising at home!

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£25 City Facial
An ideal introduction to the unique world class range of Dermalogica facial treatments.  Maximum results in the minimum amount of time!

£35 Contour Sensitive Skin
Designed to resurface neglected skin texture for the environmentally sensitive.

£50 Power Multivitamin Regeneration Booster
Combats premature ageing skin using a rich, yet non-irritating pure vitamin exfoliant and mask, for undeniably and noticeably improved skin elasticity and smooths fine lines for a youthful glow.

£50 Skin Brightening
This revolutionary treatment balances uneven pigmentation using Skin Brightening System to provide maximum results against future discolouration for optimum and even radiance!

£39 Environmental Rebalancing
This treatment is used to reduce the redness of the skin by removing all impurities that contribute to the reddening of sensitive skin.

£49 Medicated Blemish Eradication
Blemishes and breakouts have finally met their match with our ultimate potent clearing facial.

£25 Teenage Outbreak
A prescriptive facial that rebalances any skin concerns and we will also provide product recommendations.

£50 Mens Exclusive Ingrown Extraction
Delivered with precision and expertise for male skin suffers of all skin types, experienced to deliver results and advise to live free of your problem.


MICRO Dermbrasion

This is a popular alternative treatment to chemical peels, using the finest Aluminum Oxide crystal grains combined with dedicated active product ingredients to your skin type and condition provides miracle results!  Microdermabrasion is available to use on a multitude of areas such as the face, back, arms and bikini line to eradicate any uneven pigmentation, scarring, age spots, acne or stretch marks.

MICRO Dermabrasion RESULTS

FREE skin analysis and consultation are required for the correct treatment to be delivered.  We also provide course discounts.

Pay only £45 for your first treatment.

£40 Dedicated area of crystal dermabrasion only 
£65 Pigmentation dermabrasion 
£59 Sensitive dermabrasion 
£65 Acne dermabrasion 
£70 Anti-ageing Dermabrasion

All treatments include a complimentary neck, hand or foot power massage.

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CACI Non Surgical Face Lifts

CACI Testimonial Jennifer Lopez

Welcome to non surgical beauty treatments to the stars that are exploding with popularity, some of the many celebrity devotees include the flawless Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Sandra Bullock and Vanessa Williams.  Using the latest technology from CACI International, we are able to deliver non surgical beauty solutions to dramatically treat and lift lines and wrinkles with a natural effect beyond conventional beauty routines yet without invasive methods and side affects.  Superior body toning, anti cellulite and dedicated enhancements can also be seen.  CACI International are world leaders in microcurrent technology and science for the cosmetics and aesthetics industry and a truly recognised brand by the institution of physiotheraphy and hospitals.  

FREE skin analysis and detailed consultation  are provided to assess client suitability and recommendations.  Discounts available for course bookings for effective results.

£55 Standard Face Lift
£65 Ultimate Face Lift  combines using the latest anti-ageing pure multivitamin and collagen products not available on retail.

Both of our facelifts include a complimentary neck, hand or foot power massage.

CACI body lifts and toning are also available   Read more