Here are some comments from 2013...

"Thanks Amy, my hubby is now seen the benefits and booking a Strawberry Laser Lipo course on tuesday"
 - Debbie x

"I'm from Sheperds Bush,what a treck but well worth for my CACI uber facelift"
 - karen Espare

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this salon, what a diverse team of consultants, unbelievable!"
 - Jodie

"Ok you have me sucked in, I am moving from CACI facelifts to butt lifts and he loves it!"
 - Irana

"Unsurprisingly great! amazing and friendly staff"
 - Sue

"On point, LYCON Hot wax is for me, truly recommend you guys"
 - Khadine

"Best and most amazing hospitality for our hen night group booking, sorry about being loud!"
 - Sian and Brie

"Shocked but impressed with Srawberry Laser Lipo, when will you next do a sale offer?"
 - Louise

"Spreading the new at NOW MAGAZINE and LOOk Mag beauty desk,  temp receptionist"
 - Becks xxx

"Booked my Glam consultation makeover and only spent £69 and look fab, thanks So Be gurls, you are truly honest and don't over sell LOVE THAT!"
 - Hot Chick on a mission x

"I would honestly recommend this salon, not quite west end look but I'm telling you they are hooked up and the business.  I was turned away from a £500 treatment as not needed and only spent £30, GOB SMACKED, thats what I call true consultation and thank you ladies, I will be emailing youo my new Flabelos machine figure next week."

"My mate uses flabelos here, I saw my friend at a swimming bath with the kids and I died when she said she uses Flabelos machine, HOOKED HOOKED HOOKED"
 - Angela

"WOW Strawberry Laser lipo, your not kidding, thanks ladies"
 - Miranda

"Moved from Islington and by far the best and honest bunch of therapist and  impressed that you work alongside TV celebs, please invite J-Lo and Peter Andre, I love em"
 - Collina

"Amy and Carly, you give the most mazing massages, you out beat SPA Salons any day,so friendly and welcoming also"
 - Lauren

"Love your offers, when can I get October deals again they were out of this world"

"CACI CAI CAI never heard of it before but I swear I have a butt lift and breast lift to die for, wearing all my ASOS dress with conviction, thanks Carly your amazing and so knowledgeable"
 - Mia

"Keeping up my LYCON Hollywood waxing, we love it"
 - Olga