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Welcome to So Be Salon's leading hair stylists and top hair colourist team managed through London Mayfair's Hairstylist and Barber, Claudio, experienced and trained from the worlds best and top hairdressers Toni & Guy Academy.  

Book with us to experience London top hairdressing and hair stylists at South East prices.  Yep, we are different; we wake up out of bed with pride, stare in the mirror and think and plan about how we want to dress and style our hair for our day and in turn, this visual imagery at work affords us to be bless in the presence of absolutely fabulous people and clients.  To be inspired is to live, to feel different is fabulous.  We love hairdressing, we love our job and we love So Be Hair salon. 

We listen to your wants, needs and more importantly your pockets.  Nonetheless, we have the skills, experience and confidence to lead you into a cost effective new and top hair makeover whether modest or currently trending!

Through our continued client recommendations, Penge demographic and valued staff residency base since 2006, we can afford you HONEST & FREE Hair Consultations and impartial advice with no obligation to purchase.

So Be Hair Salon is proving to become a popular hub to many local Fashion Photographers, Fashion Editors, and Fashion Journalists, Fashion buyers amongst the evident current trend in Penge property relocation from areas such as Dulwich Village, Camden, Islington and East London.  We  envisage in the very near future to provide complimentary services with all our Hair, Beauty, Nails, Tanning and Doctor Clinic treatments;  Columbian Coffee, wine, beer, nutritional juices and mineral & vitamin milkshakes, help us be the first to create a movement in Penge.

So Be Hair Salon

£20 GENTS Cut & Finish
£35 LADIES Cut & Blowdry
£20 Maintenance Dry Cut 

£70 Restyle Cut
£65 Micro Rings Hair Removal Service

£50 Perm/Semi Colour Full Head 
Perm/Semi Colour Regrowth 
£10 Hair Repair
£10 Kids Cut 

£95 Dip Dye 
£110 Ombre 
£150 Ballyage
£49 Express Highlights 35  Micro Rings Removal Service
£70 Half Head Highlights 

£85 Full Head Highlights

From £395 Hair Extensions + Fitting
£35  Micro Rings Removal Service
£90  Hair Maintenance Session

FREE Consultation & Quotations
£35 Trail Run

15% Instant Rebookings                                                        

Micro Ring Hair extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions So Be Salon
    Our hair brand


  Our hair brand

                    Invisable hair application

                    Invisable hair application

         SiliconE Safe micro Rings

         SiliconE Safe micro Rings

Application Method

Application Method



Micro Ring Hair extensions

The Latest Micro Ring Hair extensions available at So Be Salon. Only delivered by fully qualified & experienced technicians. Latest Micro Ring Hair Extensions for Afro and European Hair types. All onsite staff sport these hair extension!




FREE Hair Conditioner 

Standard/Special Offers T&Cs apply in-store.
Or contact us for details.



Price list: 

FREE Consultations.
From £395 Hair Extensions + Fitting
£35  Micro Rings Removal Service
£90  Hair Maintenance Session

Whether you are seeking glamour or merely looking to ad length to add to a conservative look, we are the ones to deliver!

Double Draw Hair

This guarantees the quality of hair and is the best available.  Double drawn mean that the shorter strands are removed and hair becomes hand selected to perfection.


This means the natural direction of growth is maintained throughout our range of human hair.  Remy and virgin hair is where the cuticle layer of hair runs in the same direction, if these was the opposite this would have an effect of tangled back combed hair, this an extremely important aspect of hair extensions.

Our hair is treated with an exclusive PROTEIN MOISTURE INJECTION treatment - that finely coats each hair strand with a blend of micro-polymers to render the hair to an incredibly super smooth finish.  It gives the hair additional protection through hair's lifetime of shampoo washes to ensure it is always in optimum condition.


Expertise & Skills

Our Hair Extension fitting is matched to your needs whether you want to be able to wear your hair back in a bun or pony tail or naturally out ... we listen, advise and apply correctly, available 7 days per week!      

Micro Rings are the preferred method over Fusion Bonds.    

We provide a 16" to 22" quality high grade Indian or Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair that is unmatched to other suppliers. Hair is equally if not the most important aspect to Hair Extensions.  We as technicians leave you with a great treatment but hair has to stay with you for months! 

  • We provide maintenance & aftercare advice.
  • We can offer non-silicone hair maintenance products.
  • Well cared for & maintained hair extensions may also be reused & refitted.
  • Our micro rings are line with Silicone and do not damage hair.