Here at So Be, book and witness our proven non surgical Laser Lipo Inch loss or your MONEY BACK.

No matter your size,  we can localise cold laser specifically to stubborn fatty areas where conventional methods have failed.  Here at So Be we deliver such effective treatments as a popular alternative to surgical methods using STRAWBERRY LASER LIPO, leaders in comestic laser!

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Welcome to True Cosmetic Strawberry Laser Lipo

The most effective treatment for localised stubborn fat that cannot be shifted by diet alone.
£75   NOW £49 Intro session (proven results after 1 session)
£110  Pay as you go per treatment session (1 area, for example stomach or both arms)
£395  Course of 4                                           

£595  Course of 8   Exclusive Offer

Treatment areas:

  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Upper back fat
  • Lower back fat
  • Arms (under biceps)
  • Baby bulge
  • Above knee area
  • Ankles
  • Male breasts

When the laser paddles are placed on the skin, the cold red laser beams penetrate the skin just deep enough to reach the layers of fat.  When the light hits the fat cells, a rapid chain of events takes place. First, pores form on the cells causing them to spill out.  The water, Glycerol and fatty acids move into the interstitial space beneath the fatty layer in the skin.  Then the water, fatty acids and Glycerol spill out.  The adipocyte (fat) cells are therefore reduced in size.  These effects do not affect the neighbouring structures such as the skin, blood vessels or nerves.

The lymphatic system then removes the fat through the venous system, where they are processed in the same way as fatty foods that are digested.

For clients with darker skin (Fitzpatrick scale 3 - 6) we recommend 8/10 laser bars.  This will remove the possibility of hypo-pigmentation as the laser exposure time is only 10 minutes.

Best advice for proven effective results:
Drink lots and lots of water!
Any form of cardio immediately after each laser liposuction treatment is most effective. 
All treatments finish with a manual lymphatic drainage massage to lymph modes of area treated.

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Using the the most popular and proven inch loss machine to loss a dress size!  Leading GYM brand companies are losing women membership because of its undeniable results.

It comes in 3 easy programme settings.  Doctors recommend the elderly to use program 1 for bone density and blood circulation and for those who do not wish to reduce in size but tone loose skin and reduce overall cellulite.   Program 2 for inch loss and to reduce to one dress size and programme 3 for targeted areas of concern.  Please note that for stubborn localised fat that cannot be shifted by any form of cardio alone, we recommend the unprecedented Strawberry Laser Lipo machine above.

Only 10mins session per day required and permitted.

10mins session is equivalent to 1 hour of Gym work pretty impressive!

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£30    1 months course 
£4      Pay As You Go

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