Men's  Exclusive Treatments

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Check out our RETAIL page for dedicated products for men that SIMPLY WORK!

Check out our RETAIL page for dedicated products for men that SIMPLY WORK!

Men’s skin condition and maintenance differs greatly to women’s due to many factors, at So Be we aim to gain your real confidence in beauty science... with results.

£50 Mens Exclusive Ingrown Hair Extraction
Ingrown hair sufferers can take control using a tailored facial to your skin type to open up pores and allow ingrown hair extraction without marking skin.  We also provide skin kit control and advice.

£49 Deep Cleansing
For those without a conscientious routine in cleansing and toning, we have the blend of products and a tailored routine just for you!

£45 Morpho-skin
Your metamorphosis is now possible with this resurfacing treatment that promotes 'new skin' growth! Excellent for wrinkle reduction and the treatment of dull lifeless skin and sun damage.


GENT'S WAXING                                           Welcome the most effective waxing for men's hair, Lycon Hot Wax.  This offers thinning of unwanted hair growth with some hair banished entirely.

£25  Stomach Hot Wax
£40  Stomach & Chest Hot Wax
£20  Shoulders Hot Wax                              £30  Back Hot Wax                                                 £40  Back & Shoulders Hot Wax  


£20  Stomach Strip warm Wax
£30  Stomach & Chest Strip Warm Wax
£15   Shoulders Strip Warm Wax                        £20  Back Wax Strip Warm Wax                            £30  Back & Shoulders Strip Warm Wax 

BODY Treatments

£45 Acne back Buster  for acne suffers (skin analysis performed first)

£60  Deep Tissue Power Massage

£45 Men’s exclusive  Manicure and Pedicure
The perfect gift for men’s hands and feet.  You'll notice the improved look and condition this makes to your skin and nails. Welcome to the world of the Beckhams!