Vip services


Our highly qualified, experienced and hand picked professional beauty therapists and doctors are provided at a premium rate or retainer fee to provide professional beauty or cosmetic treatments for those on the go and unable to commit to salon based appointments but require such services at their residential base. 

This service can only be secured after the completion of confidential client consultations via email or phone and confirmation of security vetting and telephone (or electronic) prepayments.

A multitude of treatments are available at our hourly rate:
1 hour   - hourly rate £180.     Total - £180 per client.
2 hours - hourly rate - £170.   Total - £340 per client
4 hours - hourly rate - £160.   Total - £640 1 - 2 clients.
5 hours - hourly rate - £150.   Total - £750 1 - 2 clients.

10 am to 6 pm.    Total - £1000 4 clients.
Exclusive use of the salon for your group pamper and unlimited use of services, includes complimentary beverages and food.

Note:  Additional rates apply to doctor service treatments, these are available upon request.

For store, hotel, charity, radio, film or production events, please submit your request for a bespoke service, these are available upon request.

VIP services are provided by VIP Treatments Ltd.

For all VIP enquires, contact Carly Maunsell, Salon Manager:
Telephone:     0208 776 7822  Admin line

For all events enquires, contact Khadine Lothian, PR Management: