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GENT'S WAXING                             

Welcome the most effective waxing for men's hair, Lycon Hot Wax at So Be Salon.  This offers thinning of unwanted hair growth with some hair banished entirely.

£25  Stomach Hot Wax
£40Stomach & Chest Hot Wax
£20  Shoulders Hot Wax                                                                    £30  Back Hot Wax                                                                                        £40  Back & Shoulders Hot Wax                                                                £25  Stomach Strip warm Wax
£30  Stomach & Chest Strip Warm Wax
£15  Shoulders Strip Warm Wax                                                               £20  Back Wax Strip Warm Wax                                                                £30  Back & Shoulders Strip Warm Wax







LYCON hot wax is a far superior brand and method of waxing for precise epilation.  Hot wax is safe placed on hair and hardens in second and removed using fingers.  It is widely considered less painful, grabs short hair to the root and championed by suffers of ingrown hair and sensitive skin types.  An amazing treatment method for afro hair skin types and similar.

£35  Hollywood
£30  Brazilian
£28  G-string line 
£20  Bikini line
£10  Eyebrows
£10  Side burns 
£10  Underarms 


£25  Hollywood
£22  Brazilian 
£19  G-string line
£12  Bikini line 
£7    Eyebrows 
£5   Upper lip / chin                                                        £8   Side burns
£8   Underarms
£13 Half arms
£15 Full arms
£22 Half leg
£32 Full leg
£38 Full leg & Bikini
£42 Full leg & G-string